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macchia orticaria


Standing Together:
ARCO Fights Urticaria Alongside Patients.

Urticaria, a common and pathological condition that affects roughly 1 in 5 people throughout their lives. In Italy alone, an estimated 1 million individuals struggle with urticaria. 

ARCO stands with you. 

We are dedicated to:

  • Empowering Patients with Knowledge: Our comprehensive website provides up-to-date information on urticaria, including causes, symptoms, and treatment options. We publish informative articles, guides and videos to help patients understand their condition better. ARCO also organizes patient support events and webinars led by experts.

  • Connecting Patients with Qualified Specialists: We collaborate with a network of hospitals and clinicians across Italy. Our search tool helps patients find the most suitable specialist for their needs.Furthermore, ARCO organizes events and initiatives to foster connections between patients and specialists.

  • Advancing Urticaria Research and Care: We actively promote specialist training in urticaria diagnosis and treatment. ARCO supports scientific research on urticaria and raises institutional and public awareness regarding this disease.

  • Becoming the Leading Voice on Urticaria in Italy: ARCO offers a listening and support service for patients. We collect data and information on the disease and encourage the exchange of experiences and best practices between patients and clinicians.

Together, we can achieve more!

Scientific Board

a Scientific Board for excellence in research and treatment of urticaria.

ARCO relies on a prestigious Scientific Board composed of internationally renowned experts in the fields of dermatology, allergology, and clinical immunology.

Their commitment ensures a high level of scientific expertise in all our activities and it aims to support research and develop awareness together with the association about urticaria.

The Scientific Board is an important resource for ARCO, allowing our association  to ensure maximum credibility and authority for all our activities and events.

Riccardo Asero

Dr. Riccardo Asero

Clinical Allergology and Immunology Specialist Head Clinical Allergy San Carlo Clinic Head of UCare Paderno Dugnano Center for the diagnosis and treatment of urticaria Via Ospedale, 21 Paderno Dugnano, Milan (MI), Italy

Maria Bova

Dr. Maria Bova

Clinical Allergologist and Immunologist Medical Director Allergology and Rare Immunological Diseases Clinic Internal Medicine Unit 2 AORN Cardarelli Hospital Head of UCare Naples Center for the diagnosis and treatment of urticaria via A. Cardarelli Hospital, 9, 80131 Naples (NA), Italy

Paolo Pigatto

Prof. Paolo Pigatto

Specialist in Dermatology Allergology and Clinical Immunology Medical Director IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio, via Cristina Belgioioso, 173 20157 Milan (MI), Italy

Silvia Ferrucci

Dr. Silvia Ferrucci

Dermatologist and Venereologist Medical Director Head of Service Allergological and Dermatology Head of UCare Milan Center for the diagnosis and treatment of urticaria IRCCS Foundation Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico via Francesco Sforza, 28 20122 Milan (MI), Italy

Teresa Grieco

Prof. Teresa Grieco

Specialist in Dermatology Allergology and Clinical Immunology Head of Allergological Dermatology Head of UCare Rome Center for the diagnosis and treatment of urticaria Viale del Policlinico, 155 Rome (RM), Italy

We are here to accompany you along this challenging journey, towards conquering again your wellbeing and getting towards the correct cure for you.


Rebecca Raineri

I am grateful to Arco for facilitating my access to the care I required more swiftly, a luxury often perceived as unattainable for those suffering from chronic spontaneous urticaria, who may feel deprived of their right to treatment. Arco has provided me with a solid and authoritative reference point, a luxury I did not have before its inception, when we were left in the dark about our debilitating and under-recognized condition. Now, I have access to a community of individuals who share my struggles, offering a sense of camaraderie and understanding that is invaluable during moments of despair and unbearable physical, emotional, and psychological suffering. The joy I feel is immeasurable when I imagine a chronic spontaneous urticaria sufferer searching the web today, as I did for 23 years without success, and immediately discovering Arco. This association represents a beacon of hope for healing, providing a much-needed resource for those affected by this condition.

Francesco Nicotera

Arco tirelessly advocates for the recognition of our rights and has consistently served as a cornerstone of support for me, not only practically but also psychologically. The association has been a constant presence, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed. Since its establishment, I have found solace in knowing that I am no longer fighting the battle against urticaria alone.

Simona Gianolla

Arco means... A NEW LIFE for me! It has been fundamental because it has given me the opportunity to live my daily life with dignity, enabling me to lead a normal life despite living with a highly disabling and poorly understood disease. Thank you, Arco, for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us who are ill.

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